Student Government elections are held every fall for students to elect their officers and class representatives. Through this process, students learn how democracy works, and how to present themselves during campaigns to win elections through speeches and campaign literature.
The Student Government meets weekly throughout the year to organize and make plans for school activities such as fundraisers, pep rally, Thanksgiving feast, the school dance and to voice their opinions about a variety of school subjects or issues.


Students in high school can join the Prom Committee, which meets weekly after school to plan fund raisers and make other plans for the dinner-prom. Students along with their advisor make all decisions as to when, where, and how the event is to be conducted. This is a big celebration for the seniors and their guests.


The Allison Academy Graduation Ceremony is an exciting event for students, parents, and faculty. Over the past few years we have held the event in a packed- standing room only, North Miami Beach City Hall. The Allison Academy Rock/Jazz band provides the music, and an articulate speaker delivers a sage message to the seniors.