About Allison Academy

"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth and intellectual pursuits."

Our mission at Allison Academy is to inspire our diverse community of students. It is our goal to promote moral, intellectual, physical, and academic excellence so that each student may rise to honorable achievements, and contribute to the common good.

Allison Academy evolved from a Reading/Math Learning Center, to an accredited private institution, in response to parents’ demands for a private, nurturing, school environment for their children.

The Academy accepted its first students in 1983, and was organized to provide a highly specialized program for each individual. Over the years, the enrollment has grown, and in 1994, a decision to enlarge the school and increase enrollment was made.

Today, Allison Academy (named by its first students), is a private, accredited, non-sectarian secondary (grades 6 – 12) school located in North Miami Beach, Florida.

“I came from Brazil and I was having difficulty with English,” said Clodyne Teixeira, who graduated as the valedictorian with a 4.0 grade-point-average. “Being in a small classroom with just a few students and having a family-oriented environment really helped me to learn English faster and to do well in school.” Clodyne attends the University of Miami to study International Business.

- Clodyne Teixeira

“I enrolled my son Nial at Allison Academy when he was young because I felt that he needed to be in a smaller setting to master basic skills and improve his academic performance,” said Nial’s mother, a full-time 2nd grade teacher with the Miami-Dade County public school system. “I also wanted to put him in the right environment that would be conductive to learning. The public schools are overcrowded which makes learning very difficult.”

Nial, a self-assured and confident young man who graduated from the Academy, bills himself as a professional actor, model, producer, writer, and chairman and chief executive officer of his own production company. Of course, he accomplished all this in his after school hours. Nial’s youngest brother, Adrial, has also attended the Academy summer school program.

- Nial Martin

My son Renzo was in public school and not progressing as I felt that he should, so I enrolled him in Allison Academy. For the first time, Renzo began to feel successful and to actually enjoy school and learning. His self-confidence increased and he continued to improve his academic achievement. Renzo was in Allison for six years, and graduated in 2010.

He is pursuing his career goal to become a law enforcement officer. I credit Allison Academy’s program of small classes, personal attention, and focus on the student’s self-esteem for Renzo’s success. He truly felt that his teachers and the administration had his best interest in mind while he was a student. In addition, the exceptional quality of the close friends that Renzo made at Allison, made me know that he was in the right environment for middle and high school. He participated in sports and was on the basketball team, which gave him an added high school interest.

During Renzo’s time at Allison, I served as President of the Parent Teacher Student Association and found the parents cooperative and highly supportive of the school and its programs. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Allison Academy and continue to remain in touch with the school and to support the school.

- Cathy Figallo


Allison Academy is a private middle and high school that provides quality educational programs with an emphasis on meeting individual needs through small class sized and a nurturing environment where each student’s self-esteem is valued and developed. Allison Academy accepts the responsibility of working in partnership with each student’s parents to create students who are endowed with life-long love of learning, healthy self-image, and positive attitude that will enable each student to grow academically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Our multi-cultural environment reflects the city in which we are located, and the community in which we are pledged to support through our community service projects.


Allison Academy practices a non- discriminatory policy and does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, ethnicity, national origin, or sexual orientation/identity. We admit students who possess the motivation, ability, and character which will enable them to succeed in our school environment.

As the mission statement attests, diversity is the fundamental essence within the Allison Academy community. We have been a progressively diverse school since our founding in 1983, reflecting the city in which we are located.

Allison Academy is committed to providing access and diversity, as it reflects the multicultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds found within our community. The spirit of inclusion remains as true today, as it was 28 years ago. Till this day, Allison Academy is a leader among its peer institutions in the size and scope of its financial aid budget. Within the last 28 years, Allison Academy has awarded aid to qualifying students totaling an average of 25% of its operating budget, helping to create a socio-economically diverse campus.

The academic programs here at Allison Academy are designed to engage our students. It is our goal to help them understand, and appreciate the commonalities and the differences among diverse cultures, races, national origins, and religions. Our English classes read world literature, while our language classes study language, culture, and travel to target countries.

Our Admissions Office actively seeks to identify and enroll qualified students from diverse backgrounds who are committed to working hard, and participating in the school community.