Allison Academy provides a rigorous and challenging college preparatory education to students from diverse social, ethnic, economic, and academic backgrounds. The school seeks to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences to realize their potential in college and beyond. At Allison we believe that students will find academic success when given opportunities for individual achievement and self-expression.

The Allison curriculum strives to instill fundamental knowledge and study skills while stimulating intellectual curiosity and growth. Courses are offered across a wide range of disciplines and at different levels so that students can explore a variety of areas of knowledge at a pace that will challenge them to the best of their abilities. The curriculum and the Allison environment combine to encourage understanding and appreciation of different cultures, develop critical thinking skills, enhance creativity, promote physical and emotional well-being, and foster a concern for others.

The course program provided by Allison Academy is designed to follow the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Curriculum and to use state adopted textbooks and ebooks to meet the objective of obtaining a high school diploma and of preparing students for higher education—college, university, or technical/vocational institutions. Graduates from the academy are recognized by leading universities. We encourage you to contact the Admissions Office to answer your questions as well as to schedule a time to visit our day school.

Allison Academy’s Admissions Office may be contacted by phone at: (305) 940-3922.







Allison Academy’s tradition of excellence in athletic competition complements a rigorous and challenging academic program. Students are involved in interscholastic athletics from grades six through twelve, but may also elect physical education, or intramurals & fitness to meet their requirement. Although participation on interscholastic team sports is not a requirement, nearly 80% of our students play at least one sport and many are two-to-three season athletes.

Through team sports, students are encouraged to reach their potential in physical fitness, skill development, and teamwork. Sportsmanship, discipline, and leadership are emphasized by the coaches at every level.

Allison Academy has a boys’ basketball team that has a schedule of 15 - 20 games each season. The team competes against other schools within the area, and we enthusiastically support them!

The girls’ volleyball team is competitive and plays 10-15 games each season. At Allison Academy we are constantly developing additional competitive sports. From flag football to track and field, we provide students with different opportunities to find and develop their athletic abilities.

03 / ART

Our art program is designed to offer a variety of activities and projects. Using various media ranging from pastels, ceramics, sewing, sculpture, and painting, our students experience different levels of art. The focus of our art program is to develop appreciation and enjoyment of visual art and the creative process.

Music classes in guitar are offered daily for middle and high school students.

Allison Academy has a rock/jazz band, whichhas developed into a professional sounding group, and has performed at local venues, city functions, talent shows, and for Allison Academy students and faculty.

Allison Academy also offers drama classes, in which students express their creativity through dramatic interpretation and expression. The students write and perform their own dramatic productions to delight their peers.​