Community Service

Community service has been a hallmark of Allison since the earliest days of the school.

Dr. Allison urges students and faculty alike to pursue opportunities to give back to their communities. She expects everyone, in some way, to "...contribute to the common good." All students participate in a wide range of community service activities. In addition, faculty are encouraged and supported in their pursuits of community involvement. In the spring of 1991, the State of Florida passed the Pupil Progression Plan with a rule that states that all high school students are required to serve 75 community service hours in order to receive a diploma upon graduation. This established community service as a stand-alone graduation requirement.

Involvement in community service is a must at the Academy, not only to meet the State requirements for graduation, but more importantly to instill empathy for others and to develop citizenship and responsibility. We find that students gain much more than they give from this altruistic experience of giving to others with no expectations of gain for themselves. At Allison Academy, we suggest that each student perform a minimum of 20 hours each year, and recommend using Friday afternoons for this purpose. Students who have 300+ hours of community at the time of graduation, are awarded with a silver cord.

The extent of the community service opportunities at Allison is organic in nature. While many activities are annual and traditional, there are others that are innovative as students discover new areas in which they can be of service each year.