The school year has been overflowing with academics, sports, music, art, drama, and extra-curricular activities. In addition to our excellent curriculum, we have further enriched our program with the additions of robotics, yoga, and home economics. Students have also benefitted from a variety of field trips organized by Mr. Milner to the Metro Zoo, Holocaust Museum, Botanical Gardens, boat cruise around Biscayne Bay, and beach clean-up. We have had exciting travel opportunities this year with an over-night trip to St. Augustine organized by Ms. Hawthorne, and a 12 day trip to Japan with Mr. Vargas and Ms. Robayo.

This year we had changes to our staff with Mrs. Patricia Foxx retiring, and Mrs. Shaidy Fernandez joining us as our new English teacher. Ms. Lynn Twerdy rejoined us to teach graphic art, home economics, personal finance, and yoga.

We are pleased with our students’ academic performance this year with a high number of students on the A and B Honor Roll. These students are celebrated every nine weeks with a magnificent breakfast prepared by Ms. Sheriff.

Our band, under the leadership of Mr. Walter Milner has continued to perfect their performance to a superior level. They will perform for our Annual Talent Show and a school concert.

The sports program continues to grow with the girls’ volleyball team under the direction of Coach Nick, boys’ flag football team under the direction of Coach Skelton, and the boys’ basketball team coached by Coach Gilfoy. We have all enjoyed participating as players or spectators this year.

The social activities this year have continued with the leadership of our student government and Mrs. Skelton. The first social event this year was our Halloween party with the costume contest and dance, next was our Annual Thanksgiving Feast where everyone contributed a specialty dish. Then on Valentine’s Day, the student government held another dance and party. The student government has kept the school beautifully decorated for all special events!

The science classes have continued to participate in the Fairchild Challenge under the guidance of Mr. Gilfoy. This year the students are experimenting on growing food to be used in space., and growing endangered orchids for the “Million Orchid” project to beautify Miami.